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Video game console timeline


Hello welcome to my blog this blog is all about video game console.

Microsoft’s Xbox 720 is reputed to be discharged in year and a half, consummately coordinated for 2013’s vacation season. Be that as it may, the 18 months postponement has gotten industry executives bothered—on the grounds that the eighteen months deferral is really an eight-year delay between the arrival of the last Xbox and the new Xbox. Decades in the realm of innovation.

The postponement is so extraordinary it has a few people, including Atari author Nolan Bushnell, guaranteeing that the period of computer game consoles has at long last run its course, offering path to the quicker, progressively helpful method of on the web and portable amusements. video game console

So from Atari to the Xbox, we’re respecting the significant consoles of past—the notorious machines that made ready for Angry Birds and other profoundly addictive versatile and web based amusements

Now we are going to discus top video game console used in all time

1. Atari Pong

Relese date 1972

The Console: This early solace was by no means the first of its sort (both the ‘Dim shaded Box’ and ‘Odyssey’ pre-dated the Atari) anyway Nolan Bushnell’s Pong with no assistance portrayed the PC game industry (and its future) with his ping-pong themed arcade game. Named after the sound the ball made on the paddle (‘Ping-Pong’ had recently been taken), Pong indicated the beginning of Atari’s legacy as a PC game legend

Sega Master System (SMS)

Release Date: 1986

The Console: The original SMS released on competition to the NES and was superior in many ways, including technologically. The console had better graphics and better sound than the Nintendo console, and could also play game cartridges and credit card-sized ‘Sega cards.‘ Sales eventually fizzled out after Nintendo took over the console market. Sega released a series of consoles following the Master System, including the Genesis (1989), Mega-CD (1992), Multi-Mega ‘Genesis CDX’ (1994), Saturn (1995), and their very last console, the Dreamcast (1999).

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Release Date: 1985

The Console: Designed to resemble a family unit apparatus (dislike a computer game support), the NES was the primary reassure discharged post 1984-tech crash. The support was sold in the USA with the exemplary amusements, Super Mario Bros. what’s more, Duck Hunt, alongside the going with light gun, mechanical activity amigo (R.O.B.), and unique controllers. Achieving its tallness of prevalence during the ’80s, the NES prepared for the Japanese gaming goliath.


Release Date: 1989

The Console: When Nintendo’s GameBoy initially hit American markets, it came pre-stacked with a generally obscure PC game called ‘Tetris.’ During the principal Christmas season post-dispatch, Nintendo proceeded to sell more than one million GameBoy supports. Today Nintendo has sold almost 120 million GameBoys around the world, making GameBoy and GameFreak’s dearest ‘Pokemon’ establishment for GameBoy a symbol in the handheld market. The following two followups were the GameBoy shading in 1998 and the GameBoy Advance in 2001.


Release Date: 1995

The Console: Nearing the finish of Super NES’s run, reassure makers and fashioners were endeavoring to incorporate circles into the equipment. The outcome was Sony’s PlayStation, where, unexpectedly, CDs were utilized rather than game cartridges. The most adverse impact of this switch nonetheless, was an expansion in robbery, as circles were much simple to duplicate than the conventional cartridge.

PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Release Date: 2000

The Console: As the followup to PlayStation’s progressive plate based reassure, the PS2 kept on changing gaming innovation. This time be that as it may, the PS2 flaunted the Emotion Engine, an interesting CPU redone by Sony and Toshiba enabling players to run old PlayStation diversions on the comfort, just as present day DVDs.


Release Date: 2001

The Console: Some called it the ‘Death Star’ and ‘the PC in a black box’ but Microsoft’s Xbox crept onto the scene as ‘the black horse’ of consoles. A year before its release, Bill Gates asserted at a game developers conference that the Xbox ‘would transform the way we consume electronic equipment’ and boy, was he right. Touting a relatively unknown game, Halo: Combat Evolved (now synonymous with the Xbox itself), the Xbox quickly beat out the Nintendo GameCube and PS2 as the consumer’s console of choice.

Xbox 360:

Release Date: 2005

The Console: The successor to Microsoft’s greatly effective Xbox, the 360 model allowed fans to play in superior quality because of the 360 interior Core framework, while giving remote controller support. Three forms of the 360 were accessible: Core (the section level model), Premium (with a 20GB separable hard plate drive), and Elite (HDMI yield, 120GB hard drive, and a cool matte dark completion). Two years after its discharge, Microsoft had sold over 11.6 million units overall Five years after the fact Microsoft would discharge the Kinect- – an extra that enabled players to issue directions vocally. Guinness World Records affirmed that the Kinect was the quickest selling electronic gadget ever.


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